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  • Where is the Cab and Rideshare Drop-off and Pickup Location?
    Please schedule your drop off and pick up east of 30th Street on Commercial. Do not have your driver stop anywhere near the front door of the venue located at the corner of 30th and Commercial.
  • The show is tonight and I cannot find my tickets. What should I do?
    First check your junk mail. If you do not find the tickets, bring your ID and the ticketing manager will look up your purchase in our database.
  • Is there seating in the venue?
    The Soap Factory has limited seating consisting of couches, chairs and benches.
  • Can I bring a stroller?
    The Soap Factory does not allow strollers. Please contact us in advance regarding special circumstances.
  • What time does the show start?
    Standard show times usually begin an hour after doors although this may not always be the case.
  • Are there paramedics on staff?
    Paramedics are staffed on a show-by-show basis and are thus not present at all shows. If you experience an emergency that requires medical attention please contact the closest security guard for assistance or dial 911.
  • Can you hold my backpack or coat?
    Back packs are not allowed. Additionally, The Soap Factory does not provide a coat or bag check at the venue. Please see the bag policy for what is permitted.
  • How Do I Purchase Tickets In Advance?
    Tickets may be purchased in advance by visiting our website
  • Do I need an ID to enter the venue?
    On most days the venue welcomes all ages. However, some shows are 21+ so please check the information for each show to determine the age restrictions.
  • What time are doors?
    Door times vary. Please check the specific show information for details.
  • Do I need an ID to drink?
    A valid California driver’s license must be provided in order to consume alcohol at the venue. If you are from out-of-state or using a passport, please furnish another photo ID in addition to your license.
  • What types of payment is accepted for food, beverage and merchandise?
    The Soap Factory is a cashless venue. Only debit cards and major credit cards will be accepted for all purchases.
  • Does my young child need a ticket?
    Yes. All those in attendance require a ticket to enter.
  • Do you have security staff on hand and how can they assist me?
    Security staff is located at all entrances/exits/emergency exits and are roaming within the venue to assist in maintaining order. If you have any questions or need assistance with a complication, please alert any of the security staff on site.
  • Can I smoke in the venue?
    The Soap Factory is a non-smoking venue.
  • Can I bring a chair, or can you provide one?
    Guests are not allowed to bring a chair to the venue. If you are in serious need of a chair due to a medical condition, please email for assistance.
  • How late do your shows run until?
    End times vary but The Soap Factory has a hard curfew of 10:00PM on all days. The indoor Soap Factory location has a hard curfew of 11:45pm.
  • Is there a dress code?
    No shoes - No Shirt - No Dice.
  • Where is The Soap Factory Located
    2995 Commercial Street, San Diego, CA 92113
  • Can I leave the venue and come back?
    The Soap Factory has a strict no re-entry policy for all patrons.
  • What are the rules of the venue?
    ACTIONS: By entering the event grounds, you expressly assume all risk and danger of personal injury and all other hazards, which include, but are not limited to, property damage arising from or related in any way to the Event, whether occurring prior to, during, or after the event Attendees and belongings are subject to search No Nudity and or exposed body parts is prohibited under California County Code 32.1002 ITEMS THAT ARE ALLOWED IN THE VENUE BY GUESTS: One sealed bottle of water (16oz or less) Prescribed medication (in a container with matching ID to be checked at entry) Cell phones Non-professional cameras Bags/Clutches that follow NFL Clear Bag Policy Blankets/towels Sunscreen PROHIBITED ITEMS: Outside food or drink (exception for documented medical needs) Any bags that don’t follow our Clear Bag Policy Cans, coolers, bottles, glass containers, backpacks Pets (guide/service dogs OK) Drugs and drug paraphernalia Audio recording devices, professional photo/video cameras Weapons, firearms, pocket knives, Fireworks or explosives Skateboards, motorized vehicles, bicycles Drones Umbrellas CamelBaks/bladders Lawn Chairs Laser pointers Selfie sticks Chalk, markers, sharpies Stickers, flyers, solicitations
  • Can I bring a camera and audio/video recording equipment?
    Ultimately, the camera policy is up to the discretion of the artist performing that evening. If you are unsure as to the policy for a specific show, please send us an email inquiry. In most cases The Soap Factory standard house policy allows professional cameras. At no time is audio or video recording permitted.
  • I’m disabled, what kind of accommodations can you make for me?
    The Soap Factory is equipped to accommodate all ADA needs. If you require specific accommodations, please email for assistance.
  • I forgot to close out my tab at the bar; where can I pick up my credit card?
    You are welcome to pick up your card the next time you visit The Soap Factory. The on-duty manager can assist you in retrieving your lost item. Please note that your card will be cashed out at the end of the evening and a 20% tip will be applied.
  • Is there a security screening for entering the venue?
    For most ticketed events, there is a bag check, a handheld wand metal detector screening and an ID check for all patrons entering the venue.
  • Where do I park?
    The Soap Factory does not have its own parking lot. Parking is available for free along all of the surrounding street curbs.
  • I purchased a ticket from another website, can you tell me if it’s valid?
    If you buy a print-at-home ticket or hard ticket from an unauthorized vendor or source, we cannot, and will not, guarantee that it is a valid ticket. The Soap Factory nor TicketWeb is not responsible for any counterfeit tickets and cannot provide support for any third-party purchases.
  • I haven’t received my tickets in the mail yet. What should I do?
    Please contactTicketWeb if you do not receive your tickets within 48 hours before the event. Or have your ID available at the gate and request assistance from the ticketing manager.
  • I’ve lost an item at a show; where can I try to locate it if it’s been found?
    You are welcome to pick up your lost item the next time you visit The Soap Factory. Any manager on duty can assist you in retrieving your belongings. Please feel free to email us in advance to notify us of your lost property.
  • What is your refund policy?
    All sales are final. No refunds will be issued for any reason whatsoever unless a show is canceled. In this case, ticket buyers will receive an email within 24 hours of the cancellation with information regarding refunds.
  • Does The Venue Offer Food?
    Yes, on most days food can be purchased at the Chicali Grill. On show days, additional food vendors will be on site.
  • Where Do I Pick Up My Tickets?
    All tickets are distributed via email.
  • Do you allow crowd surfing or moshing?
    Under no condition does The Soap Factory allow crowd surfing or moshing. Doing so will result in immediate expulsion from the venue.
  • Are clear bags required to attend a show?
    The Soap Factory follows the NFL bag policy: Only clear plastic, vinyl or PVC tote bags no larger than 12” x 6” x 12” and/or small clutch bags (4.5”x 6.5”) will be allowed. Small clutch bags do NOT have to be clear.
  • Can I Buy Tickets At The Soap Factory?
    We strongly suggest purchasing your tickets in advance. However, if tickets are available on the day of the show, they can be purchased on site using the QR code posted on the outside of the building. There is not a box office available for direct sales.
  • Can I exchange/upgrade my tickets?
    All sales are final and tickets are non-refundable and non-exchangeable after purchase.
  • Do I need to print my ticket(s)?
    No - Your tickets will be sent to you via email, all you need to do is present the barcode (or QR code) on your mobile device. Please make sure the brightness is up on your screen and that we can see the entire code for scanning. You can also print your tickets if that is your preference. Note: Multiple tickets are emailed in separate PDF attachments.
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